Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pack It In

I am packing again. I actually feel a bit rusty since I haven't been anywhere in about 6 months. I have 2 trips coming up almost back to back, Mexico then four days later Bali. People usually think that with as much traveling as I do that it must be a no brainer. I wish it was, but I am a bit more obsessive than that. So as I pull my things together I realize that there are a few things that I would never leave home without...
Walking Shoes
(of course)

Several Scarves and Shawls
(Always have one on the airplane, usually my red wrap from Peru. It doubles as a "blankie.")

One or Two Great Necklaces
(I copied this from Bette Powell who always looks fabulous while traveling with me. Something interesting with a basic black top. BUT I only bring inexpensive pieces, things I won't be distraught about if it gets lost or stolen.)

White T's
(Thin/light weight, long and short sleeve, will layer under just about anything.)
Black Yoga Type Pants
(Comfy on airplane. Wear with a nice top and look "dressed" for dinner.
Wear with a T for walking in the morning.)

Fleece Vest
(Did not bring one with me to Mexico last year and I was sorry the whole time.)

Travel Journal
(Don't forget I am working! :) Have to take notes all along the way so I don't forget anything. When I am bored on the plane going I write down everything I packed. Then when I am bored on the plane coming home I go back to the list and make notes of what I used or didn't need.)
Now then, it's time to get back to packin'...

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