Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Walkin' In A Dream

I love being outdoors, but I don't think of myself as "outdoorsy". I am NOT a backpacker and I do NOT camp. Gene and I tried camping once in rainy upstate NY. We packed up our stuff in the middle of the night and found a dry motel.  

I have been very spoiled over my years of planning trips for the Walking Connection. The closest I get to roughing it is a luxury permanent tented camp in Africa. My experience with long multi day hikes has been where a helicopter picks you up when you get tired and brings you back to the lodge where there is a hot tub with a spectacular view! (aka: Heli-hike) 

When I first heard about hiking the 6 day iconic Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia with Cradle Mountain Huts and saw that I could hike all day, finish with a hot shower, eat a gourmet meal maybe even with a glass of fine Tasmanian wine and sleep in a comfy hut with heat, I thought "I would like to do that!" 

My other wish was that I wanted to do it for me. Not have to keep up with anyone or be assigned to bring up the rear (unless it was my own). Not take care of anyone else, only worry about whether I could make it...So I threw that dream out into the universe...

...Now here I am packing my gear wondering how I can possibly survive bringing everything I will need for 6 days in a 20 lb.backpack that I will have to carry.  Am I excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Do I feel totally ready? Uh...no. Am I going to do it anyway? YES...And love every minute of it!
So in a few days I will be making my way down under to Tasmania. Flying a zillion miles to celebrate my walking every day in a row for four years. The exciting news is that this World Wide Walk on Nov. 1st is the kick off to a year long promotion where you could win a trip for two walking with me in Tasmania next year.  WHOO HOO!  
I hope you will all join me this year on Nov. 1st by walking anywhere, any place YOU are. It doesn't have to be far or fast, just a walk with purpose Just A Walk For YOU! 
Tourism Tasmania, Qantas Airlines and to all of YOU for keeping me inspired

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