Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where Less Is More

Over the years Gene and I have explored different areas of Africa in a variety of ways. Through our extensive experience we have a select list of what makes a safari exceptional...

Tanzania has been on our go back to list for awhile, but this time we wanted to do it in an exceptional way where less is more... 

We have sought out a place where the influence of human life has not impacted the wildlife, a place where we can experience a remote safari in an open space larger than our Yellowstone National Park with less than 100 visitors to the entire area.  
A place that invites us to explore as we choose. Local tribal members take us by foot, boat and safari vehicle on adventures by day. Evenings are set aside for magical sundowners 
and nights are reserved for elegant dinner service with both old and new-found friends.
Our exclusive accommodations are unique and specifically designed to put 
us in the heart of the wildlife the Serengeti is famous for.
There are ONLY six luxury tents at two of the private camps. This means that space is limited to 10 guests plus Gene and I. Expect personal service since it will be just us and the safari staff!!! 
 One of ONLY six exotic "bandas" nestled into the
tropical forest at Greystoke Mahale
Migration on the Serengeti...

We won't be totally alone..there will be others viewing the migration
with interest from our mobile safari camp...
Trekking Chimps 
We will have an unusual opportunity 
to head into the forest from the shores of Lake Tanganika and trek chimpanzee.
Room With A View
A place where you can dream for real... 
Private Dining
Our table is ready...
See For Yourself...

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