Friday, October 16, 2015

Where Will You Walk?

(click on video above)

This day is the day to go out for a walk
but where should it be, perhaps in Bangkok?

It really is simple just pick up your feet
right - left - right on a big city street.

Maybe the countryside is more your thing
If you walk Downunder it's gonna be spring!

Anytime, anyplace just do it this day.
10 minutes is all and you're on your way.

Over here, over there or anywhere
Get up, get moving, get out of your chair.

It's A World Wide Walk, the first of November
Mark your calendar so you remember.

A moment in time --  just do it for you
#iwalkforme then shout Whoo Hoo!!!

So where will you walk I ask you please
Belgium, Bahrain or maybe Belize?

Now if you're still wondering where to begin
Just take that first step and tell me you're "IN"

Come Walk With Me!!!

Click here:  World Wide Walk 

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