Monday, November 16, 2015

A Scotland Wander

SCOTLAND is a meander through the pages of history, a winding course indeed. With every turn a new chapter -- sometimes the story centuries old. 

My strolls are never aimless, curiosity is the fuel. Rather purposeful, unhindered by preconceived ideas of what Scotland should be. 

Whether on a trail in the Highlands, a shell laden coastal path or a wynd in Edinburgh's Old Town there is always a gift bestowed

Sometimes it is the stonework of an ancient castle ruin with the golden light softening the rock that at one time was impenetrable. What are the tales that were woven over time... 

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Then there are the many lochs, brilliant gems sparkling at the feet of towering Munros. Though touristy we couldn't resist an hour sail looking for Nessie. A swirl...did you see it...I am confident the allusive monster was just below the surface of the mysterious black waters.

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Wherever I walk, city street or village way, the doors are bright and colorful. A seemingly cheerful welcome to all who pass. And for those that follow Scottish tradition, it is custom to paint their door red when the mortgage is paid off. 

Cheers to those behind the many red doors!

Now and then the variety of wild flowers that line our path are too many to count. Though the heather is fading other purples and pinks and yellows are rivals for my attention. 

Moments feel like summer, but the calendar says autumn...
we smiled at our place in the sun!   

When predictable rains do fall, it is a comfortable rain often presenting a rainbow over ambling thatched roofs -- the sheep graze, the green grass brilliant. 

And besides -- whether there is weather -- or not, the key to a happy wander is ALWAYS having a rain jacket in your pack, an adventurous spirit and comfy feet willing to go...everywhere! 

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This blog post is in partnership with OTBT Shoes
Photography credit: Gene Taylor

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