Friday, August 5, 2016

BIG Enough...for ME!

Though Gene's summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa was over a year ago he still talks almost daily of his adventure. It was such a positive experience with so many lessons learned.

As always his excitement rubs off on me. He has repeatedly told me that I could do it and has asked me to join him next time. Besides my suspicion that he is motivated by me helping him stay warm in the tent at night, I have a big problem...

I Don't Wanna!

It's not that I question whether I can or am willing to put in the time to train, the thought of it just doesn't give me that rush. You know when that thought of something goes off in your head and creates a wave of excited anticipation? Whenever I feel that way I don't let anything stand in my way...


I still want to get a taste of being on that majestic mountain - the tallest free standing mountain in the world. To be in hiker's heaven with just enough challenge...for ME. So I have a plan and one that I hope some of you will join in on.

 a 7 day itinerary with 4 days of hiking -- sounds pretty perfect to me!

Some of you won't get it...I already have had people tell me to just pick another mountain that isn't as high. For me it's not about getting to the top of anything. It's just about doing something that is right for me, right now...

Sometimes you don't have to go to the very top 
to do something really big.

Consider this your invitation:

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