Thursday, April 14, 2016


Over the years Gene and I have explored different areas of Africa in a variety of ways. Through our extensive experience we have a select list of what makes a safari exceptional... 
Our last trip to Tanzania checked everything off that list. 
Especially the service -- so warm and friendly we felt like we were home. 
As time has past we are longing for that place that lulls us to sleep at night

then wakes us gently in the morning...

Home is not a's a feeling.
A place where high emotions and excitement fill the day all wrapped up in a sense of happiness. Then as the sun goes down, reflecting by the warmth of the cozy fire you take comfort in just...being.

With only room for 10 guests

our stay will be at small intimate private camps and lodges
where we will be specially welcomed by our Tanzanian friends 
Paulo, Ian. Good Luck, Anofi and Jairo.

Would you like to be one of 10? 

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