Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fast Forward

It's February... the glitz and glam and sparkling lights are all put away.  Holidays are SO over. You toasted to the new year and set your resolutions in motion.  Hmmm, what were they?  Winter's chill has settled, darkness hovers...Now what?

Fast Forward Further: a gentle breeze, warm soft sand, the ocean's soothing pulse, a cliff walk with bird's eye views, sun dappled trails, whales cruising, seabirds sailing, waterfall rewarded hikes, and at night a sea of stars...

Now what were those resolutions again? 
Walk more - check
Hike a new trail - check
Eat fresh and healthy food - check
Take a "ME" vacation - check
Meet new friends - check
Take a cooking class - check
Art appreciation - check
Try a new skill - check
Learn a new language - Hola! check
Laugh more - check, check, CHECK!

As the sun melts into the Pacific and your Baja vacation with the Walking Connection sadly comes to an end your thoughts linger, cherishing the tranquility.  Feeling renewed, recharged and energized you are ready (yet reluctant) to return to reality...

Look Forward...Come Walk Todos Santos With Me!