Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This Is Sara

Have you ever met someone that in an instant you immediately clicked with? That is what it was like when I first met Sara in Italy...

The favorite part of my job is meeting people from EVERYWHERE! A friendship is formed --sometimes just for that moment and other times...FOREVER.

Sara is one of those forever friends and also happens to be our intriguing Italian guide for our upcoming trip on the Amalfi Coast.

Yet it is not only I that finds Sara exceptional. In the words of some of our guests...

"...charming, smart, knowledgeable, friendly, beautiful eyes, storyteller, informed, thoughtful, beautiful, savvy, competent, fun, good sense of humor, a really fabulous guide with a high level of expertise on all things Italian."

"An absolute delight...keenly attuned to her client's capabilities and a treasure trove of little stories to make the walks we take with her so much more interesting, She's always cheerful and enthusiastic."

"It is difficult to limit it to one word but I would pick SPECIAL. Of course I could also say awesome, fantastic, amazing, friend, and more."

Meet Sara for yourself...