Friday, October 23, 2015

Sometimes I Wonder Why...

Why Am I Doing This?
I am going to walk no matter what. WHY should I care if anyone else does? My walks will continue each and every day -- day after day, year after year. 
WHY count? 
Walking daily is my me time -- private and personal. Why should I invite people from around the world to celebrate walking with me?
Who cares? 
And just when I am getting discouraged and about to give up on the whole idea of a World Wide Walk, I get this...  

"You truly amaze me.  What a wonderful idea your world-wide walk.  I've had November 1 on my calendar for weeks and have planned my walk along the beach in Santa Barbara, under the post card palms, with my 4-legged friend, Luna.  I may even get the rest of my family to join me.  I feel as if I'm going to a party with people from around the world.  So sad that every one of all the world's people can't find it in their hearts to just walk together..."

Now I remember WHY!

A World Wide Walk
     November 1st
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Come Walk With Me!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Where Will You Walk?

(click on video above)

This day is the day to go out for a walk
but where should it be, perhaps in Bangkok?

It really is simple just pick up your feet
right - left - right on a big city street.

Maybe the countryside is more your thing
If you walk Downunder it's gonna be spring!

Anytime, anyplace just do it this day.
10 minutes is all and you're on your way.

Over here, over there or anywhere
Get up, get moving, get out of your chair.

It's A World Wide Walk, the first of November
Mark your calendar so you remember.

A moment in time --  just do it for you
#iwalkforme then shout Whoo Hoo!!!

So where will you walk I ask you please
Belgium, Bahrain or maybe Belize?

Now if you're still wondering where to begin
Just take that first step and tell me you're "IN"

Come Walk With Me!!!

Click here:  World Wide Walk 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Walking Is My Connection

I've always liked to walk.  As a kid I would hike in the woods surrounding our house in upstate New York. When I would tell my Mom I was headed out to explore with a PB&J and canteen filled with "goofy grape" she'd always say, "Just be home in time for supper!"  

In my teens, my best friend and I walked EVERYWHERE -- to go shopping, to concerts, to part time jobs and sometimes to even meet boys. (Happily one of those boys is now my husband) Yet at 16 I couldn't wait to get my driver's license and the freedom I believed it held....

A few years later I went to school in New York City. A great big walkable city and as a "New Yorker" that is how you naturally got around. Again I would head out to explore a different world on my own two feet. This is when I started to unconsciously learn that this was freedom. I could go in any direction -- the wrong way down a one way street, turn right instead of left, go up instead of down and open that door to see what was really behind it. 

On foot I am connected to my world. Everything becomes clearer -- multi dimensional. I am not living my life as an outsider looking through a pane of glass. I can feel the breeze, hear it play in the trees, smell what the day might hold. I become a part of nature.

At 3 mph, it is the human pace, the natural rhythm that around the world we all share. When walking whether in your own neighborhood or in a far away village, it is a way to connect to a place and its people. A nod, a wave, a invitation to share a cup of tea. It is where those serendipitous encounters lie. Though maybe only for a moment in time, but a cultural connection that becomes a part of who I am.

It is also a connection to within myself. As you walk your entire body is in sync. Your arms match the movement of your legs and your breathing matches your pace. It becomes a time that thoughts are free. Creative ideas emerge, problems are solved, bad moods are turned to happy, presentations are practiced or if need be I can JUST meditate and think of...