Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Puzzling

When I put an itinerary together for the Walking Connection it is like a HUGE jigsaw puzzle spread out before me. You start out with thousands of scattered oddly shaped pieces, find the corners, organize the edges, make sure that everything that was originally jumbled interlocks perfectly together and then when end up with a masterpiece!

So I have to admit that right before a trip, that sometimes I get a little frantic making sure that I haven't lost a piece creating a big hole in the middle! That was this week's mission - checking for holes.  With our upcoming trip to the Galapagos Islands, I needed to review a couple hundred e-mails, reconfirm details with contacts in Ecuador, check in with guests, answer last minute questions and then start to think about getting myself ready. Done, done, done - no holes.  Though getting myself ready is never done until my suitcase is locked and we are headed to the airport!

All that being said, "Its A Wrap!"  We're off to Ecuador.  Soon we will be walking with the giant tortoises along with 14 awesome friends. New fabulous stories and photos soon to come...


Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Goes Up, Must Come Down...and then up again!

What goes from the desert at 1135' of elevation to 9350' on the slopes of a volcano, then north to 10,000' + in the highlands of the Andes, back to 9350  down to sea level, up to 9350' over to 3000' in the high Amazon region, again to 9350', continuing west to a hummingbird sanctuary in a cloud forest at 5800', on to an orchid reserve in subtropical rainforest at 3,000',  then finally rest at 9870' in a botanical reserve?