Tuesday, June 23, 2020

a love story in black and white

June 23, 1973

They said we couldn't be we.
It just can't be.
Why? We asked.
It's right there in black and white:
shouldn't, couldn't, CAN'T.

Others whispered, sneered and sometimes shouted
Backs are turned, doors of opportunity shut
Locked Out
we hid, faded, blended
Not to be recognized - nor to be noticed.

They said it wouldn't last.
shouldn't, couldn't, CAN'T
Each day our together assimilating into one.

Years went on, but the current didn't change
the waters ran deeper.
Words sometimes subtle, sometimes not
- unconscious bias - conscious labels -
jokes are refined, comments fine-tuned
Feeling confined...Few can be trusted
Another layer of armor built.

As I see people marching in the street
I hear the murmur of change
I know that sound, I've heard it before
The murmur needs to be an anthem roared
- breaking all sound barriers -
so everyone will take a knee
only then can I take a breath and shed this heavy coat of metal.

Finding My Voice As I Go, Because Silence Is Not An Option

(Thank you to the family and friends that have always accepted us for "being we." I hope you know who you are. Especially to Wanda and Brantley Hawkins, Kay Kennedy and Kitty Lawton Nielsen that were there for us in the early days and never questioned our love.)