Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back To Right Side Up

We are back from Australia and still catching up!       
Don't even know where to begin. We have so many things to tell you about - the places we saw, the friends we made, the trails we walked and most importantly when we are going back....                 

But for now I thought I would share just a few things I learned on our Aussie Adventure: 

Koalas' pouches are backwards.  
Aussies shorten most words containing more than 2 syllables. Thus a Roo is not a rooster, but yes of course a Kangaroo.  
Watch out for "Roo doo" when Gene kindly asks you to go sit in a field to take your picture.  
The Remarkable Rocks have a fitting name. 
Tasmanian Devils are ornery little guys, but I would be ticked off too if I was looking at possible extinction.   
Still don't know what a wombat looks like in real life.  
The last known Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) died in 1936.      
If somebody tells you that you are going to need to "rag up", wear 3 layers.         
Little Penguins gather out at sea, form a raft, surf in together then en mass walk up the beach to find their burrows.  And it is actually some body's job to count thousands of them as they come ashore each evening at sunset.

Oh yeah and I almost forgot...Kangaroo meat is pretty tasty!

Whoo Hoo!

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