Friday, July 3, 2020

Independence Day 2020

It's that time of year that I would usually break out in dance and celebrate another journey completed around the sun. Yet, this is not a typical year. 

On this birthday, I find myself more reflective. When you can't see forward clearly, it's easier to look backward. Where have I been? What have I accomplished? Has it been enough? 

As I remember so many encounters in my past, I'm craving the excitement of a new adventure just around the corner where I step out of my comfort zone and discover something unpredictable. When will I feel that adrenaline rush again?

I don't have the answer as I sit home patiently, staying safe, and wearing my mask when I venture out. For it is more important to be socially responsible and respectful of others as we all ride this wave into unknown territory. 

As the future is muddled with all kinds of predictions, 
the music in my head has changed. 

Though the rhythm may be different, I will still choose to dance!