Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Silently slipping through the golden green reeds it seeps away.

I didn't notice at first.

dark blue water - bright blue sky, 
Botswana's winter sun is a gentle touch of warmth.

Awareness teases that something is missing.

the rhythmic swoosh - swoosh - swoosh pauses all outside noise

for a moment...the distraction of life is silenced


(a capsule of my personal experience riding in a mokoro, a traditional canoe, 
on the Okavango Delta in Botswana)

Photos by Gene Taylor

Monday, August 28, 2017

If You Were Here...

If you were here lounging on your terrace as the sun was setting you would probably be observing a family of elephants coming in to drink at the watering hole below...

If you were here you would be a "happy camper" as you sat out on your private raised platform overlooking the banks of the Khwai River as you listened to the symphony of Africa...

If you were here you would be having a close encounter...

                                                      ...but not too close...

You could be here toasting to another great day on safari... 



Sunday, March 26, 2017

EAT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST...(And Other Lessons I Learned From My Mom)

Another year passes without my Mom...
but the lessons she taught me still live on.

How to take my first steps...(and then another and another and then I never stopped...)

Always say please and thank you...(Politeness will get you everywhere.)

Take your shoes off...and walk barefoot in the grass...(Enjoy the simple pleasures in life.)

Whether you are taking a hike "on top of the hill" or "down to the crick" just be home in time for supper...(Be on time, no excuses.)

Clean your plate. There are starving children in China...(Don't put too much on your plate to begin with and share what you have!)

Don't hate ANYONE. It is OK not to like someone, but do not hate...("As I walked out the door to my freedom I realized that if I did not leave all of my anger, hatred and bitterness behind I would still be in prison."  ~ Nelson Mandela)

You are never too old to hike Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon or do a marathon...(Mom did a marathon at 72. I'm always in training for something new.)

You can be anything you want to be...(Think BIG.)

Don't be afraid of the water, jump right in...(Be fearless.)

Be different...(You won't always fit in and that's OK.)

Wherever you are and whom ever you're with be nice - be kind - be generous...(Be NICE. Be KIND. Be GENEROUS.)

Be proud of who you are...(Walk into the room with your head held high)