Monday, May 16, 2011

I am not a very good tourist...

I am not a very good "tourist".  I don't like doing the same old, same old.  I can feel claustrophobic if  I am being herded with a large group of people.  I  just want to break out and walk a different trail, turn right instead of left, go up instead of down and open that door to see what is really behind it. And so it is with that sense of independence that I go in search of something new or unusual as I plan itineraries for the Walking Connection.

I was on the same old, same old path when I began to plan the Galapagos.  I had checked out what all of the "others" were doing and was in the final planning stages when low and behold I came across something new and different.  A safari camp in the highlands of the Galapagos?  We (and I know many of you) have loved the safaris we have done in various countries of Africa.  I had to look at it more closely. 

After many phone calls to Ecuador, I knew we were on to something exceptional.  So I scrapped everything I was doing and started all over again.  NOW this "feels' right. NOW I am really excited.  NOW I can't wait to go!  And NOW I hope you will join me on this unique adventure to the "Enchanted Islands" of Galapagos! 

When was the last time you saw something for the first time?