Thursday, March 26, 2015

my MOM

My MOM just turned 90. On her birthday I took her for a 5 minute walk 30 feet down the hall. At 72 she walked all 26.2 miles at the Anchorage marathon as Gene, Dad and I cheered her on at the finish line.

My MOM doesn't know who I am anymore. She has Alzheimer's....

My MOM was my best friend, confidant, adviser, sidekick, cheerleader, sounding board, nurturer, therapist and sometimes critic. Now I am a stranger.

My MOM remembered EVERYTHING. Sometimes I felt she knew too much about me and my life. Now I just wish she knew who I was...

On a cool November day way back in 1999 I knew something was not right... 
                             she slipped away...a little piece at a time...for 15 years.

In her last week she looked at me softly without confusion and played with my hair. She held my hand tightly. I had missed her for a really long time, but for a moment my MOM was back.

My MOM passed away a year ago on March 26th, 2014.
Love you MOM -  I bring you with me wherever I go.