Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Difference Is Us!

I was asked a great question recently that got me thinking....
The question was, "What differentiates going Heli-hiking with you than booking directly?"

Hmmm...had to think for only a brief moment.  My answer applies to more than just heli-hiking. And more than just price comparison.  There is the value of your experience, wherever we are! 

So consider this analogy: You are thinking about making reservations for dinner at an exclusive restaurant that you have heard great things about and have been wanting to try.  You have a friend that you know has been dining there for years and has gotten to know the owner and management team well.  You call your friend and he says, "Let me make your reservation for you, I have an "in".  Or better yet, I am going on Friday, come with me!"

As you arrive you are all greeted as old friends and made to feel right at home.  You are seated at a premier table (preferred lodge room) with the best wait staff (personally selected guides for you) and your meal is specially prepared to your specific tastes (assured to hike the terrain you like at your pace). Then a little extra something is delivered to your table, compliments of the chef (little extras compliments of the Walking Connection). Though the restaurant is very busy the owner that now seems like an old friend, stops by your table giving special attention that everything is beyond your expectations! (Whether you are on a heli-hiking trip with me or booked through me I make sure the management takes special care of Walking Connection guests) Ends up being one of the best dining experiences ever.(A vacation you will remember for a lifetime!)

So there you have it! Very simple.  The difference is us!