Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pack It In

I am packing again. I actually feel a bit rusty since I haven't been anywhere in about 6 months. I have 2 trips coming up almost back to back, Mexico then four days later Bali. People usually think that with as much traveling as I do that it must be a no brainer. I wish it was, but I am a bit more obsessive than that. So as I pull my things together I realize that there are a few things that I would never leave home without...
Walking Shoes
(of course)

Several Scarves and Shawls
(Always have one on the airplane, usually my red wrap from Peru. It doubles as a "blankie.")

One or Two Great Necklaces
(I copied this from Bette Powell who always looks fabulous while traveling with me. Something interesting with a basic black top. BUT I only bring inexpensive pieces, things I won't be distraught about if it gets lost or stolen.)

White T's
(Thin/light weight, long and short sleeve, will layer under just about anything.)
Black Yoga Type Pants
(Comfy on airplane. Wear with a nice top and look "dressed" for dinner.
Wear with a T for walking in the morning.)

Fleece Vest
(Did not bring one with me to Mexico last year and I was sorry the whole time.)

Travel Journal
(Don't forget I am working! :) Have to take notes all along the way so I don't forget anything. When I am bored on the plane going I write down everything I packed. Then when I am bored on the plane coming home I go back to the list and make notes of what I used or didn't need.)
Now then, it's time to get back to packin'...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Africa Is Addicting

Ask anyone that has been and you will see a smile appear and a certain far away look in their eyes as they remember their special moment in time on safari...Africa is addicting.

Here are a few of the reasons why I am addicted:
(I can't believe I am right here, right now. Is this real?
If this is a dream please don't wake me up!)

(especially when you come across a hippo while on foot)
...yet some times just black and white.
(Leopards can be very hard to spot. This one walked right in front of us.)
 Adrenaline pumping...
(he walked right up to our open vehicle and rubbed up against the tire. 
Gene had claw marks in his leg, but they were from me holding on!)
(seemingly to appear out of nowhere)
And Majestic...
and don't forget the sundowners with good friends...


Thursday, February 7, 2013

You Never Know Until You Go...For A Walk!

I LOVE to explore.  Always have...hopefully always will. My explorations aren't just about going to some far off distant land as you might expect.  Sometimes they are right in my own backyard.  Setting out on a walk just to see what I can see is not only fun, but motivating.  I'll walk a little farther, go a little longer or turn one more corner.  Seeing something new that peaks my curiosity always puts a smile on my face.

Look what I found on some of my recent walks!

WALK Day 1181:  This was the second balloon I found a mile out in the desert, after a 24 hour rain storm and in the middle of thorn trees and prickly cactus! Lucky balloons! Lucky me!!!

WALK Day 1159:  Wild Burro tracks in the desert right behind my house, but where are the burros?

WALK Day 1160:  Coyote skull (we think), but still no burros.

WALK Day 1160: Came across a freshly dug hole so I stepped a little closer to check it out. Saw the face and glint in the eyes of a coyote.  I walked away BRISKLY!

WALK Day 1162:  The Burros!

You never know what you will find when you go for a walk.  You just gotta get out there and go!