Thursday, January 30, 2020

Year After Year After Year

Each year on our way to Grand Canyon's North Rim, I ponder whether this will be the last year that we host this annual gathering. After all we have been making this drive for over 10 years.

The further north we drive from Phoenix, the valley heat is left behind. We pass through ever changing environmental zones from the cactus filled desert to forested mountains to vermillion cliffs with blue open sky. I remember how much I love this drive.

We pass through the gates of our national park and the wildflower lined road leads the way. We search for the herd of bison that graze in the green grass. Unusual to see them in the afternoon sun, but we survey the landscape anyway.

Surrounded by tall fragrant pines, I step to the canyon's rim and the majesty of the moment overcomes me once again. No matter where I travel in our big beautiful world the greatness of this wonder is both humbling and empowering.

 I know then --  I will always come back....
Year After Year After Year

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