Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Twelve Days A Pilgrim

In the fall of 2019 I trekked 12 days on the Camino de Santiago from Portugal to Spain, covering 140 miles (226 km)...


My biggest concern had been how I would feel walking longer distances for multiple days in a row. I knew if needed I could catch a ride, but I really wanted to explore every inch along the way.

By day three I got into my own rhythm. Realizing that I had all day to get to the next destination, my time slowed to pedestrian speed instead of the frenetic pace of everyday life. Each moment then could be savored...

Lakeside Lookouts

Forest Bathing

Seaside Saunters

For 12 days we were pilgrims, peregrinos to the locals as they would call out "Buen Camino!" - wishing us well on our path ahead.

Passing through a village or on a country road, blue and yellow Camino markers pointed the way like a beacon in the fog. Knowing we weren't the first nor the last, they nudged us forward drawn by something bigger than ourselves. 

Whether walking this trail for a spiritual quest, a personal challenge or just to slow down and take in the experience the intention was the same -- reaching Santiago de Compostela. 

As you draw closer trekkers are arriving from all directions each with their own aura of accomplishment. And when it was me standing in the square encircled by all of the energy of kindred spirits, I knew that it was my life's journey that gave me this gift...

Wishing you all 

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